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Trellis Panels

Trellis panels offer a versatile and attractive solution for enhancing garden privacy and beauty. Primarily used to support climbing plants, they add a natural decorative element to any outdoor space. Whether integrated into fencing, used as garden dividers, or simply as decorative wall features, trellis panels serve multiple purposes.

They come in various sizes, materials, and designs, catering to a wide array of garden styles from traditional to contemporary. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, trellis panels can also improve the functionality of your garden by maximising vertical space and providing a support structure for plants. Ideal for garden enthusiasts looking to add charm and character to their outdoor sanctuary.

Elevate your garden's aesthetics with our premium 1.83M x 0.6M Slatted Trellis, a perfect blend of functionality and style. This tastefully designed slatted trellis is not just any garden accessory, but a statement of elegance that enhances privacy and supports climbing plants, transforming your gar..
Ex Tax:£15.79
Discover the perfect addition to your garden with our 1.83M x 1.83M Slatted Trellis. Crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal, this trellis panel is designed to bring your outdoor space to life. Made using pressure treated 16mm x 38mm rough sawn trellis batten, our trellis ensures longevity and r..
Ex Tax:£49.13
Introducing our premium 1.83M x 0.45M Slatted Trellis, the perfect addition to any garden looking to combine style with functionality. Crafted with precision, this trellis is constructed using high-quality, pressure-treated 16mm x 38mm rough sawn trellis batten, ensuring durability and longevity. Th..
Ex Tax:£13.29
Introducing our 1.83M x 0.45M Privacy Square Trellis, a perfect addition to your garden that offers both functionality and elegance. Crafted with care, this trellis is designed to provide your outdoor space with the privacy you desire without compromising on aesthetics. Our trellis is made using pr..
Ex Tax:£15.79
Discover the elegance and functionality of our 1.83M x 0.3M Privacy Trellis, a perfect addition to any garden seeking both beauty and seclusion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this trellis panel is constructed from pressure-treated 16mm x 38mm rough sawn trellis batten, ensuring a dura..
Ex Tax:£12.46
Introducing our exquisite 1.83M x 0.3M Slatted Trellis, a perfect addition to any garden looking to blend functionality with style. Crafted meticulously from 16mm x 38mm trellis rough sawn batten, this trellis offers unmatched durability and longevity, thanks to its pressure-treated construction. Th..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Introducing our premium 1.83M x 1.2M Slatted Trellis, a versatile and stylish addition to any garden or outdoor space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our trellis panels are made from pressure-treated 16mm x 38mm rough sawn trellis batten, ensuring longevity and durability against the e..
Ex Tax:£37.46
Discover the perfect addition to your garden with our 1.83M x 1.5M Slatted Trellis. Crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal, this trellis offers an elegant solution for supporting climbing plants or creating private sections within your outdoor space. Made using pressure-treated 16mm x 38mm roug..
Ex Tax:£42.46
Transform your garden into a secluded retreat with our 1.83M x 0.6M Privacy Square Trellis. Crafted for durability and designed for privacy, this trellis panel is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Our trellis is made using pressure-treated 16mm x 38mm rough sawn trellis batten, ensuring it ..
Ex Tax:£26.63
Elevate your garden's aesthetic and functionality with our 1.83M x 0.3M Traditional Square Trellis Panel. This premium trellis is meticulously crafted from pressure-treated 16mm x 38mm rough sawn trellis batten, ensuring durability and longevity. The pressure-treated finish in a rich brown hue not o..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Transform your garden into a picturesque outdoor retreat with our 1.83M x 1.5M Traditional Square Trellis Panel. Expertly crafted to merge both functionality and aesthetic appeal, this trellis serves as the perfect backdrop for climbing plants or as a decorative partition to enhance the privacy and ..
Ex Tax:£38.29
6FT x 3FT Decorative Diamond Lattice Trellis - Pressure Treated Green
-20 %
Introducing our exquisite 6FT x 3FT Decorative Diamond Lattice Trellis – a beautiful addition to any garden. This high-quality trellis boasts stunning diamond lattice work, providing the perfect framework for climbing plants and foliage to flourish. Made from pressure treated materials, our trellis ..
£42.99 £53.95
Ex Tax:£35.83
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Garden Trellis Panels

East Coast Fencing offer a range of pressure treated wooden trellis panels. These panels are designed to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any garden or outdoor space. The pressure treatment process ensures that the wood is protected against rot and insect damage, extending the lifespan of the trellis. Available in various sizes, including 1.8m x dimensions, and styles, these trellis panels are perfect for supporting climbing plants, creating garden partitions, or adding a decorative element to fences and walls. Whether you are looking to enhance privacy or simply add a touch of elegance, East Coast Fencing’s wooden trellis panels are a durable and attractive solution.

Pressure Treated Garden Trellis Panels

Our garden trellises provide an ideal solution for supporting climbing plants and creating beautiful, natural screens. Whether you’re looking to add privacy, structure, or simply a touch of elegance to your garden, we have the perfect trellis panel to meet your needs. Trellis panels can also be added on top of existing fence panels for additional height and decoration. Our selection includes Diamond Trellis, which adds a touch of sophistication with its intricate pattern, and Horizontal Slatted Trellis, known for its contemporary and sleek design. For those who prefer a classic look, our Traditional Trellis offers timeless charm. Fence toppers can be used as decorative features to enhance the overall look of your garden.

Garden screens can be used to section off parts of a garden or to add interest as fence toppers, providing both privacy and aesthetic appeal.

High Quality Privacy Trellis

If privacy is a priority, our Privacy Square Trellis will serve you well, creating secluded areas without compromising on style. Wooden trellis fences, such as the Privacy Diamond Trellis, Bow Trellis Topper, and Napoleon Top Trellis, are made from pressure treated timber and offer a variety of uses including providing privacy, allowing light through, and supporting plants. The Fan Trellis, with its unique shape, is perfect for adding a focal point to your garden, while the Fence Topper Trellis adds height and interest to existing fences. For a premium touch, the Premium Square Trellis combines quality and aesthetics, ensuring durability and visual appeal.

Each of our garden trellis panels is crafted to support a variety of plants, making them a versatile addition to any outdoor space. Use them as a wall trellis to cover unsightly areas or as a garden fence to define borders with grace. Trellis panels can also be used as wall decoration, adding an element of visual appeal to your garden. The lattice trellis design allows for maximum plant coverage and airflow, promoting healthy growth and a lush appearance.

Elevate your garden with East Coast Fencing’s trellis panels, expertly designed to enhance both form and function. Discover the endless possibilities of transforming your outdoor space with our high-quality, stylish trellis options, and watch your garden flourish.

Diamond Trellis

Diamond trellis is a popular trellis design used in gardening and landscaping that combines both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This lattice structure features a series of intersecting diagonal slats that create a diamond pattern, making it an excellent choice for supporting plants while also adding a distinctive visual element to gardens and outdoor spaces. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of ways, from simple fencing to elaborate garden dividers and decorative accents.

One of the primary benefits of a diamond trellis is its ability to support the growth of plants such as roses, ivy, and clematis. As these plants weave their way through the trellis, they are given the support they need to climb and spread, creating lush vertical gardens that maximise the use of space. This can be particularly advantageous in smaller gardens or urban areas where horizontal space is limited. Additionally, the diamond pattern helps distribute the weight of the plants evenly, reducing the risk of damage to both the plants and the trellis.

Pressure Treated Diamond Lattice Trellis

Aside from its practical uses, a diamond trellis also serves as an attractive design feature. The symmetrical, geometric pattern of the trellis can add a sense of order and structure to a garden, making it visually pleasing. When placed against a wall or used as a standalone feature, the trellis can create an elegant backdrop for flowering plants, turning an otherwise plain area into a vibrant display of natural beauty. It can also be painted or stained to complement the surrounding decor, providing a cohesive look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the garden.

Moreover, diamond trellises are available in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. Wooden trellises offer a classic, rustic charm and can be left unfinished for a natural look or coated with weather-resistant finishes to prolong their lifespan. Metal trellises, on the other hand, provide a more contemporary feel and are often more durable and low-maintenance. Vinyl trellises combine the best of both worlds, offering the natural appearance of wood with the durability and ease of maintenance associated with synthetic materials.

Installing a diamond trellis is a relatively straightforward process, whether it is being attached to a wall, used as a freestanding structure, or integrated into an existing fence. Proper installation is crucial to ensure stability and longevity, particularly for wooden and metal trellises, which may require additional support posts or brackets. When properly installed and maintained, a diamond trellis can serve as a long-lasting and beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space.

Horizontal Slatted Trellis

Horizontal slatted trellises are an elegant and modern solution for garden fences, offering both functionality and an aesthetic appeal. These trellises are characterised by horizontal wooden slats evenly spaced, creating a stylish barrier that enhances privacy while still allowing light and air to pass through. The clean, linear lines of horizontal slatted trellises make them a popular choice for contemporary garden designs, as they provide a sleek and minimalist look that complements a variety of outdoor spaces.

One of the main advantages of horizontal slatted trellises is their versatility. They can be used to create secluded garden areas, shield patios from wind, or simply to add a decorative element to a garden wall. These trellises are highly customisable, available in various heights, widths, and finishes to suit individual preferences and garden requirements. Treated timber is often used in their construction to ensure durability and resistance to the elements, making them a long-lasting addition to any garden.

#1 Selling Trellis Panels: Slatted Trellis

In addition to their practical uses, horizontal slatted trellises serve as excellent supports for climbing plants and vines. When adorned with greenery, the trellises transform into living walls that enhance the natural beauty of the garden. Climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle, and jasmine thrive on these trellises, providing bursts of colour and fragrance throughout the growing season.

Maintenance of horizontal slatted trellises is relatively straightforward. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and water helps keep the wood looking fresh. Occasional treatments with wood preservatives or stains can protect the timber from weathering and prolong its lifespan.

In summary, horizontal slatted trellises offer a perfect blend of form and function. Their sleek design, combined with their practical benefits and ease of maintenance, make them an ideal choice for enhancing outdoor living spaces. Whether used to provide privacy, support climbing plants, or simply add a touch of modern elegance, these trellises are a versatile and valuable addition to any garden.

Traditional Trellis

The traditional trellis remains a quintessential element in garden and landscape design, embodying a timeless aesthetic and functionality that has been appreciated for centuries. Typically crafted from wood, this type of trellis offers a classic appearance that harmonises with various garden styles, from rustic and cottage to formal and contemporary. The wooden structure, often composed of lattice panels or crisscrossing slats, supports climbing plants such as roses, honeysuckle, and ivy, encouraging them to grow vertically and creating a lush, green tapestry.

One of the primary advantages of a traditional trellis is its versatility. It can be used as a standalone feature, placed against an exterior wall, or incorporated into a garden fence to provide added privacy and security. Furthermore, a trellis can serve as an architectural element, defining pathways, enhancing entryways, or serving as the backdrop for an outdoor seating area. The natural texture and colour of wood blend seamlessly with outdoor environments, adding warmth and organic charm to any space.

Moreover, a traditional trellis facilitates the healthy growth of climbing plants by providing ample support and air circulation. The gaps in the lattice allow for sufficient light penetration and reduce the risk of mildew and fungal infections, ensuring that plants thrive. It also creates a habitat for beneficial insects and birds, contributing to a biodiverse and eco-friendly garden.

In addition to its practicality, the traditional trellis offers year-round visual interest. During the warmer months, it bursts into life with blooming flowers and foliage, while in the winter, it reveals its intricate wooden framework, standing as an elegant structure amidst the bare landscape. With proper maintenance and occasional treatments like staining or sealing, a wooden trellis can be a durable and enduring feature of the garden, combining aesthetic appeal with functional support for decades.

Privacy Trellis

Privacy trellises are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for enhancing privacy in outdoor spaces. These structures are typically constructed from materials such as wood, metal, or composite, and they can be adorned with climbing plants to create a natural, beautiful screen. A privacy trellis is not only functional but also adds a decorative element to gardens, patios, and outdoor living areas.

One of the primary benefits of a privacy trellis is its ability to create secluded areas without completely blocking out light or airflow. This makes them ideal for gardens where maintaining an open, airy feeling is desirable. By selecting appropriate climbing plants, such as ivy, jasmine, or wisteria, you can further enhance the trellis’s appearance and create a living wall that evolves with the seasons.

Privacy trellises are also versatile in their application. They can be freestanding or attached to existing structures, such as fences or walls. This flexibility allows homeowners to tailor their privacy solutions to fit specific needs and spaces. For instance, a freestanding trellis can be used to divide a large garden into smaller, more intimate areas, while an attached trellis can provide additional privacy for a patio or balcony adjacent to a neighbour’s property.

In addition to providing privacy, trellises can be utilised as support structures for vertical gardens, thereby maximising limited space in urban environments. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the area but also contributes to environmental sustainability by promoting plant growth. Furthermore, the presence of greenery can enhance mental well-being, offering benefits such as reduced stress and increased relaxation.

Maintenance of a privacy trellis is relatively straightforward. Wooden trellises may require periodic staining or painting to protect against weathering, while metal and composite structures are typically low-maintenance. Pruning the climbing plants can also ensure the trellis remains neat and continues to serve its privacy function effectively.

In summary, privacy trellises offer a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and environmental benefits, making them a popular choice for enhancing outdoor privacy. They provide a flexible and attractive way to create secluded spaces while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere.

Fan Trellis

A fan trellis provides both functional support and aesthetic appeal for climbing plants in garden spaces. Crafted typically from durable materials like wood, metal, or plastic, a fan trellis features a radiating structure reminiscent of a fan's open blades. This design creates an elegant framework for climbers, such as roses, clematis, and ivy, to grow upward and spread outwards, resulting in a beautiful display of foliage and flowers.

One of the main advantages of a fan trellis is its versatility. Suitable for a variety of settings, from garden beds to container planting, this type of support system can be adapted to suit both large landscapes and compact urban gardens. When integrated into the landscape, it also enhances vertical interest, making it an excellent solution for gardeners looking to maximise their use of space. Furthermore, the trellis can be placed against walls, fences, or as standalone features, adding a decorative element while resolving issues such as unsightly views or limited garden areas.

In terms of plant health, a fan trellis can significantly benefit climbers by promoting better air circulation around the foliage. This can help reduce the incidence of fungal diseases and pests, ensuring plants remain healthier and more robust. The arrangement also offers each plant adequate exposure to sunlight, vital for their growth and blooming cycles. Additionally, by encouraging plants to grow vertically, a fan trellis can help prevent overcrowding at the base, which often leads to weak stems and poor vegetation.

Installation and maintenance of a fan trellis are straightforward, requiring minimal effort from gardeners. Anchoring the trellis securely to the ground or wall ensures stability as the plants mature and become heavier. Regularly training and tying the plants to the trellis will guide their growth, leading to a lush and organised appearance. Pruning and trimming as needed will not only keep the plants tidy but also stimulate healthier growth and more abundant flowering. In conclusion, a fan trellis is a practical and visually pleasing addition that delivers numerous benefits to both plants and garden aesthetics.

Fence Topper Trellis

The Fence Topper Trellis is a versatile and stylish addition to any garden fence, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Designed to extend the height of your fence, these trellises are perfect for supporting climbing plants, adding an extra layer of privacy, and enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Made from durable materials such as treated wood, metal, or high-quality PVC, fence topper trellises are built to withstand the elements, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

One of the primary advantages of a fence topper trellis is its ability to support a wide variety of climbing plants. Whether you prefer the vibrant blooms of clematis, the fragrant vines of jasmine, or the lush greenery of ivy, these trellises provide the ideal framework for plants to thrive. As the plants grow and intertwine, they create a natural, living screen that not only beautifies your garden but also contributes to increased privacy and a more secluded atmosphere.

In addition to supporting plant growth, fence topper trellises can also be used to add height to your existing fence. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners seeking additional privacy or looking to deter intruders. By elevating the height of your fence, a trellis can create a more secure and private perimeter without the need for extensive construction or significant modifications to your current fencing.

Aesthetic appeal is another significant benefit of installing a fence topper trellis. These trellises come in a variety of designs, ranging from simple, classic styles to more intricate, decorative patterns. This diversity allows you to choose a trellis that complements the overall look of your garden and personal taste. Additionally, the presence of a trellis can break up the monotony of a solid fence line, adding visual interest and dimension to your outdoor space.

In summary, a fence topper trellis is a valuable addition to any garden. It enhances the functionality and appearance of your fence, supports a variety of climbing plants, adds extra height for privacy, and contributes positively to the overall aesthetics. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast looking to expand your plant collection or simply seeking to improve the look and feel of your garden, a fence topper trellis is an excellent choice.