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13 Sep Best Fence Panels for Windy Gardens
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Do you live in a particularly windy area? Perhaps you live by the coast and have a strong sea breeze or your garden acts like a wind tunnel.If your ga..
05 Aug How do i access spam on Gmail?
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1. Open Gmail in any internet browser on your Mac or PC.2. In the left sidebar, you'll see all your folders, including your general Inbox. Scroll do..
02 Mar What is the difference between closeboard and feather edge fencing
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When looking at new garden fence panels, you'll often see the terms closeboard or feather edge fence panels. You may find yourself wondering "what's t..
14 Feb How to install a concrete repair spur
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A fence post spur is a cost effective, easy to install way method of securing an old broken fence post. Concrete fence post spurs are the most common ..
01 Feb What’s the difference between green and brown timber?
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Many timber merchants, including us, offer timber products that are pressure treated green or brown. The obvious difference between green and brown pr..
20 Jan Which type of fence is the strongest?
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Closeboard fence panels (sometimes called feather edge fence panels) are one of the strongest fence panels available throughout the UK. Made using tim..
01 Jan How to use rapid set postmix concrete
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What is postmix? Postmix concrete is a pre-mixed and kiln-dried blend of cement and ballast. At We we call it postmix, but it's sometimes referred to ..
17 Nov What size fence post for a 6ft fence?
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The general rule of thumb is that your fence posts needs to be two feet longer than the total height of your fence - including a gravel board, if you’..
10 Nov What are the best fence panels?
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The strongest fence panels we offer are our ultra heavy duty closeboard fence panels. Put simply, the ultra heavy duty version of our standard closebo..
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