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18 Jan How Deep Should a 8 Foot Fence Post be?
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The installation of fence posts is an important step in the fence building process. It's necessary to ensure that the fence posts are securely anchored into the ground, so it can effectively support whatever fence material is used. To achieve this, f..
18 Jan How Many Bags of Postcrete Do I Need Per Fence Post?
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Installing fence posts is an important part of a fence installation project. To ensure that fence posts remain in place, it's necessary to secure them using postmix / postcrete or another form of concrete. When using postmix / postcrete, determining ..
18 Jan Can I replace my fence without Neighbours permission?
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When homeowners in the UK want to make changes to their fence, they should always be aware of the implications it could have on their neighbour. Replacing an old fence with new fence panels is a common project that many people undertake, but dependin..
18 Jan Do Fences Add Value to a Home?
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When it comes to adding value to a home, many homeowners consider installing fence panels or other types of fencing around the property. Although fence panels may not significantly increase the actual market value of a home, they do offer several adv..
18 Jan Is it Cheaper to Build a Fence or Buy Fence Panels?
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Building a closeboard or lap fence with panels is often an attractive and cost-effective way of making boundaries around your property. Fencing can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while also providing security, privacy and protec..
18 Jan What is the Easiest DIY Fence to Install?
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Closeboard fence panels are one of the easiest DIY fences to install. This type of fence consists of overlapping boards, which are firmly nailed to horizontal backing rails. This makes closeboard panels an incredibly secure and sturdy option, and als..
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