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Terms & Conditions

Your statutory customer rights are not affected.

A. Definitions

'The Company' Allder Investments Limited, Ewdens Yard, Holland Road, Little Clacton, CO16 9QH.

Company number 11794674

Telephone: 0330 133 0896

'The Customer' The person, company or organisation purchasing goods or services from 'The Company', as shall be entered within the 'customer' section of all Company sales order/ecommerce/invoice documentation.

B. Overview Of Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (last updated March 2021) shall apply to the sale and supply of garden fencing, buildings and associated services by 'The Company', to the entity hereby referred to as 'The Customer'.

'The Company' means of good practice and retail compliance is primarily regulated by the "Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Consumer Contracts 2014 (ICACS). This document contains references to the said regulations and has been supported with background information gained from the web sites of related parties, being; Department for business innovation and skills .

Any order placed by 'The Customer' whether in person, by telephone, by mail or online (ecommerce) shall form a legally binding contract of sale, thus whilst the below terms are extensive they are given to define and protect the due rights of both 'The Customer' and 'The Company'.

1. Retention of Title/ Ownership

1.1 Legal ownership of any goods supplied shall remain vested to 'The Company', until such time that full payment of order/invoice monies has been received from 'The Customer'.

1.2 Should the 'The Customer' obtain goods without making full payment, 'The Customer' accepts that 'The Company' retains the right to demand and receive immediate settlement of all outstanding monies prior to transfer of ownership, or the 'The Customer' grants 'The Company' unrestricted access to reclaim the goods, at which point the order cancellation process (section 7 below) shall be instigated. The saleable condition of the goods prior to any reclaim is sole the responsibility of 'The Customer'.

2. Prices

2.1 All pricing as shown upon 'The Company' literature and this web site are shown in (£) Pounds Sterling.

2.2 All pricing as shown upon 'The Company' literature and this web site are shown inclusive of the current prevailing rate of Value Added Tax (VAT). 'The Company' VAT number is GB 327278878.

2.3 All pricing as shown upon any branded literature provided, i.e; manufacturer brochures, is provided for information only and does not form part of a sale. 'The Company' web site pricing shall prevail and apply at point of sale.

2.4 Deliveries are only available to certain counties in the East of England, to check if we deliver to your location, visit our shopping cart page.

2.4A Delivery dates can be requested at checkout and we will accomodate them where possible, however this is not guaranteed.

2.5 Our delivery methods do not apply to all products and all UK locations. More information can be found on our delivery information page

2.5A Deliveries may be affected due to an event outside our control, including but not limited to any act, event, non-occurrence, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes, in particular (without limitation), the following: strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action; civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war; fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster; impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport; impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunications networks; or pandemic or epidemic.

2.5B 'The Company' will endeavour to deliver goods to registered postal addresses within the locations 'The Company' sets our in its delivery policy. 'The Company' reserves the right to not deliver if the address is not practicably serviceable.

2.6 For orders where 2.5, 2.5A or 2.5B applies, 'The Company' shall notify 'The Customer' of; (a) whether their location is serviceable, and (b) any extra delivery or service charges.

2.6A 'The Company' reserves the right to charge a 20% (or £50, whichever is higher), limited to a maximum of 100% of the order value for unsuccessful deliveries.

2.7 Should 'The Customer' accept our revised service and pricing offered under 2.6 the order shall be revised and proceed. If declined, 'The Company' will cancel 'The Customers' order and refund all order monies received. Refunds will take 3-7 working days to appear on your card after authorisation.

2.8 'The Company' pricing is reviewed upon a calendar monthly basis, but revisions will be applied at any time for; (a: increases) material and manufacturer price rises, or (b: reductions) offers or promotions as defined.

2.9 'The Company' reserve the right to offer 'The Customer' reduced pricing should they; (a) use a voucher code, (b) offer volume incentive, or (c) offer other incentive where discretion can be applied.

2.10 'The Company' cannot retrospectively apply pricing changes once an order has been fully processed.

2.11 'The Company' cannot retrospectively apply a voucher code to an order once it has been fully processed.

2.12 Prices stated on pro-forma invoices issued by 'The Company' are only valid until the valid date stated on the pro-forma. Pro-forma orders where payment is received after the valid date may be rejected if the product price has changed. Upon rejection, any payment received will be duly returned.

3. Payment

3.1 'The Company' standard payment terms are full payment with order.

3.2 Payments are only accepted in (£) Pounds Sterling.

3.3 Payments are only accepted by the following means;Cheque, BACS (electronic banking), Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta and Electron.

3.4 Upon cheque-based orders, goods shall not be released until such a cheque passes clearance and the funds credit 'The Company' bank account.

3.5 'The Company' actively strive to prevent credit/debit card fraud. All card-based orders without exception are subjected to cardholder name, address and other security checks as deemed essential. We share information about you and your order with an external fraud prevention / detection company which asses each order and assign a risk rating from 1 to 100 (the Risk Factor). If your order has been assigned a risk rating over the rating 'The Company' deems acceptable, the order will be subject to a manual fraud review.

3.5a 'The Company' reserves the right to require proof of identity, proof of address and any documents we may require to satisfy the legitimacy of any order which is over our accepted internal risk rating. Failure to comply will result in the order being cancelled and refunded*

3.6 'The Company' retain the right to undertake any third party search as necessary, such as via 'The Company' card processing organisation, to satisfy that 'The Customer' card details are valid.

3.7 It is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to always provide their registered cardholder address when requested. Any processing delays caused by incorrect data provision will not be at the fault of 'The Company'.

3.8 'The Company' reserves the right to alter the standard payment terms of any customer if deemed appropriate, or where special terms form part of a package deal or offer.

3.9 'The Company' reserves the right to reject orders should details supplied by 'The Customer' fail to pass security checks detailed in 3.5 and 3.64.

4. Delivery

4.1 'The Company' shall aim to fulfil all orders at the earliest opportunity subject to 4.3, using our own distribution infrastructure or external distribution networks where necessary.

4.2 'The Company' delivery periods as published are given in good faith and are anticipated, based upon manufacturer guidance. Delivery can occur sooner or later than the anticipated timescales.

4.2A Once an order has been placed, the delivery address is not permitted to be changed.

4.3 The delivery period will commence from point of cleared payment, thus (a) next working day upon card-based orders, and (b) clearance of funds upon cheque-based orders.

4.4 Delivery periods are provided in working days (i.e; 20 working days = 4 weeks), to account for the incidence of public holidays and that manufacturers transport typically operate weekdays only.

4.5 Deliveries are typically made during the hours of 6.30am to 7.00pm, however this can vary by manufacturer. 'The Company' is not able to offer timed deliveries.

4.6 The party, where applicable, delivering on behalf of 'The Company' shall be instructed to contact 'The Customer' to advise a delivery date near the term of their order. We endeavour to give as much notice as possible, typically between 1 and 5 working days.

4.7 Product delivery (supply only) shall be kerbside or driveway only. 'The Customer' accepts that materials will be placed within 2M of our delivery vehicle.

4.8 As 'The Company' is not the manufacturer of the branded products, it cannot be held responsible for delay in delivery caused by; (a) the manufacturing process, or (b) third party such as a contracted carrier.

4.9 Delivery dates are estimated and as accurate as possible. Delivery dates may change without notice in the event of a Force majeure. In which case an alternate delivery date will be provided.

4.10 It is the responsibility of the 'The Customer' to provide free and unobstructed access for product delivery and subsequent usage. Any failed, abortive or return delivery charges shall be recovered from 'The Customer' at cost.

4.11 'The Company' products are mainly large and sectional that will not fit through a pedestrian door. As 4.10, it is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to notify any access concerns to 'The Company' at point of order.

4.12 In the interests of Health & Safety for 'The Company' employees, manufacturers or contractors, on delivery our bulky products shall not be; (a) lifted over walls, fences etc, and (b) transited to other floors other than highway level.

4.13 If the 'The Customer' is not available at the point of delivery, our drivers will continue to deliver your goods and photographic evidence and/or vehicle trackers will be used as proof of delivery. Once an order has been delivered, responsibility and risk of the goods (not title if unpaid) shall pass to 'The Customer'. 

4.14 'The Customer' accepts that responsibility of goods is passed on to 'The Customer' at the point of delivery and if 'The Customer' is not present at the point of delivery any claims of shortages will be null and void.

4.15 'The Company' will not bear any abortive costs arising from 'The Customer' due to a failed delivery, as the delivery process is operated by each manufacturer beyond the control of 'The Company'.

4.15A In the event that 'The Company' attempts delivery but is unable to where 'The Company' is not at fault a second delivery date will be advised - if an order is subsequently cancelled after initial failed delivery is attempted, a re-stocking fee of 20% will be deducted from monies held. 

4.16 "Expected", "Typical", "Anticipated" and "Estimated" delivery dates stated on 'The Company' website and associated literature do not imply guaranteed delivery dates. See also

4.17 Where a 'premium delivery service' is selected (not available on all products) it is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to provide working daytime contact telephone number(s). Failure to do so may result in delays to the expected delivery.

4.18 Should a 'premium delivery service' fail to occur on the expected date 'The Company' shall reimburse the cost of the 'premium delivery charge'. Reimbursement will be limited to the 'premium delivery service' fee paid by 'The Customer' at the time of ordering. See also 5.7 and 5.8

4.19 The 'Premium delivery service' is subject to real-time stock levels at our manufacturers. Should 'The Company' be unable to provide the 'Premium delivery service' due to low stock levels, the 'premium delivery service' fee shall be refunded to the customer. See also 4.18

4.20 It is the duty of 'The Customer' to make themselves available to be contacted prior to delivery. Should 'The Company' or its chosen agent is unable to contact 'The Customer' the delivery of the order will be adversely affected.

4.21 'The Company' is not liable for delivery delays or failures caused by factors outside of 'The Company' control including "Acts of Nature", adverse weather conditions, road accidents, vehicle breakdown, stock shortages or personal illness. See also 4.18 and 4.20

4.21a If the 'The Company' fails to deliver the Products and becomes liable to the Buyer under these conditions in respect of such failure, 'The Company' liability shall be limited to the Invoice value of the Products and under no circumstances shall 'The Company' be liable to the Buyer for loss of profit or any consequential loss whatsoever.

4.22 Delivery shall only be made to a registered residential or commercial address. Delivery will not be made to an allotment, car park, waste ground etc.

4.23 Delivery is only available to the counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk.

6. Shortages/ Damages

6.1 'The Customer' shall inspect the goods and notify 'The Company' within thirty days after the day of receipt of any shortages or damage to the said goods.

6.2 Shortage or damage should be reported with detail, either in writing to 'The Company' address, by email to contact{_AT_} or by telephone. Pictures will be requested.

6.3 Upon approved claims within the period defined in 6.1, the manufacturer will forward the replacement parts usually within 5 to 10 working days, subject to stock level.

6.4 Guarantee claims made by 'The Customer' after the period as defined in 6.1, shall only be considered at the discretion of the manufacturer and not 'The Company'.

7. Returns & Cancellations

Our returns policy can be found here

8. Complaint

8.1 In the event of any complaint or grievance, 'The Customer' should initially make contact by telephone on 01255 222354, followed by a formal email complaint to sales{AT} or letter to 'The Company' address.

8.2 For efficient handling, 'The Customer' should state upon all correspondence; (a) their name, (b) their address, (c) their sales invoice number, (d) the product, and (e) a description of their complaint.

8.3 We shall endeavour to promptly resolve any complaint and/or respond with our stance. Should a response not be received within 5 working days, please send a "Second Request" for the attention of The Customer Service Manager.

8.4 It is the intention of 'The Company' to resolve any dispute fairly, amicably and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned at the earliest opportunity.

9. Privacy

9.1 We are committed to protect and respect customer privacy.

9.2 We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).

9.3 Any personal details given by 'The Customer' shall not be passed or made available to any other company, organisation or third party with the exception of 10.4.

9.4 To enable us to efficiently fulfil your custom, 'The Customer' contact name, telephone number and address shall be passed to our manufacturers to enable direct delivery and communication.

9.5 'The Company' shall only use 'The Customer' telephone and email contact details when deemed appropriate and necessary to discuss and fulfills their order.

9.6 'The Company' will not pass to any third party the details of the subscribers of 'The Company' email newsletter.

9.7 Subscribers of 'The Company' email newsletter retain the right to be removed from our database at any time by selecting the 'unsubscribe' function at the base of any newsletter received.

9.8 'The Company' will not contact any previous customer post-sale for marketing purposes.

10. Security

10.1 For customer security of sensitive information, 'The Company' web site operates a secure e-commerce automated payment process, approved by all UK banks.

10.2 'The Company' secure encrypted environment is held upon a Cpanel certified secure server, operated by A Small Orange.

10.3 'The Company' server facility operates to a 128bit level of encryption, the strongest commercial level of secure encryption currently available.

10.4 All personal data entered via this web site by 'The Customer' will always be stored or transferred using the same 128bit level of encryption.

11. Reviews

11.1 All reviews placed via email or our web site shall remain anonymous. No personal contact details shall be shown.

11.2 As reviews are anonymous we're unable to reply, thus no order specific content should be submitted.

11.3 For all orders we shall issue 'The Customer' with an email 'review reminder', 1 day after delivery.

11.4 We retain the right to correct grammar upon any review, but not the content.

11.5 All reviews submitted are subject to 'Company' vetting. We retain the right to approve, disapprove or display at our discretion.

11.6 For continuous product improvement and monitoring, we reserve the right to forward any review to the product manufacturer.

11.7 To ensure we receive genuine product feedback, only 'The Customer' has the ability to submit a product review; via the 'review reminder'.

12. Miscellaneous

12.1 If 'The Customer' wishes to amend their order post-sale (i.e; after order processing), a nominal £15 'Administration Charge' shall be levied to account for the manual handling of all documentary and payment revisions in line with any post-sale 'Customer' instructions; extra-over to any material or service cost adjustments/revisions.

12.2 Should the product ordered by 'The Customer' become unavailable, 'The Company' reserves the right to arrange the supply of an alternative product of a similar nature and value where appropriate or to arrange a refund for 'The Customer'.

12.3 It is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to take reasonable care during the assembly and use of the product(s). 'The Company' shall not be held liable for any damage or personal injury caused by misadventure, negligence or misuse of the product(s).

12.4 It is the responsibility of 'The Customer', if desired, to paint timbers in optimal weather. Painting timber in warmer seasons will increase the chance of warping/ splitting/ twisting. We can not be held responsible for this. 'The Customer' agrees that 'The Company' cannot accept any claims of this nature, including but not limited to, warping/ splitting/ twisting,  if products have been modified in any way. (including painting)

12.5 Timber is a natural product. As such, timber is liable to split, warp, twist or otherwise adjust throughout the seasons. By ordering you accept that 'The Company' is not liable for any claim of this nature.

12.6 All images on our website are for illustration purposes only.

13. Law

13.1 These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with UK Law.

13.2 All sales conducted through 'The Company' are subject to these terms and conditions.