You may have heard of gravel boards, but what are they and why should you use them in your fencing project? In this blog post, we will answer those questions by discussing what gravel boards are, why they are important, and the benefits of using concrete gravel boards over wooden ones 

What is a Gravel Board? 

A gravel board is a product used in fencing to separate the fence panels from the ground. It helps protect your fence panels from rot by preventing direct contact with the wet soil. Gravel boards are used with fence posts using brackets (or slotted into concrete posts) and can be made out of either concrete or wood. The most popular option for homeowners is wooden gravel boards because they are usually cheaper and easier to install than concrete ones. However, there are some advantages to using concrete gravel boards that make them worth considering for your fencing project 

Benefits of Concrete Gravel Boards 

Concrete gravel boards are more durable than their wooden counterparts as they do not require treatment or regular maintenance like wood does. This makes them much longer lasting and more cost-efficient in the long run as you won’t have to replace them as often. Additionally, due to their solid construction, concrete gravel boards provide better protection for your fence panels than wood does as it prevents water from pooling up against the bottom of your fence panels which can lead to rot and damage over time. Furthermore, since they come pre-made in standard sizes, installation is quick and easy without having to cut materials or construct anything onsite.  


Gravel boards are an essential part of any fencing project as they help protect your fence panels from rot caused by contact with wet soil or water pooling up against them. While wooden gravel boards are cheaper and easier to install than concrete ones, concrete gravel boards offer more durability and better protection for your fence panels which makes them worth considering for any homeowner looking for a quality fencing solution that will last for years to come.  With their solid construction and pre-made sizes, installing concrete gravel boards can be quick and easy while providing superior protection compared to wooden ones.