Having a wooden deck adds beauty and character to your outdoor space. But, like any outdoor furniture, it can get dirty over time. To keep your wooden decking looking its best, you need to take the time to clean it regularly and give it the proper maintenance it deserves. Here are some tips on how to properly clean and maintain your wooden deck 

Cleaning Your Wooden Decking 

When cleaning wood decks, you should start by sweeping any debris such as leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. Use a stiff-bristled broom or a leaf blower to do this. Next, use a pressure washer on the lowest setting possible (to prevent damaging the wood) and spray in an even pattern across the entire surface of the decking. Make sure you don’t use too much pressure; instead focus on using the right nozzle for your pressure washer to ensure that it doesn't damage the wood grain. Once you have finished power washing your decking, let it dry completely before applying any sealant or stain 

Staining and Sealing Your Wood Decking 

To protect your wood against weather damage and water absorption, it is important to apply a sealant or stain after cleaning it thoroughly. When selecting a sealant or stain for your wooden decking there are several factors to consider such as what type of finish you want (semi-transparent/transparent or solid); what colour you want; how often will you be staining; how much protection does the product provide from UV rays; etc. Make sure you read all instructions carefully before applying any sealant or stain as each one has different application requirements and drying times that must be followed for optimal results.  


Taking care of your wooden deck is essential if you want it to last for years without needing repairs or replacement due to rot and decay caused by moisture accumulation over time. Regular cleaning with a pressure washer followed by staining and sealing will help protect your wood from water damage and will also help keep its beautiful look intact for years to come! By following these steps, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their wooden deck will remain in excellent condition for many years!