When it comes to finding the cheapest fence panels, closeboard fence panels and lap fence panels are typically the most affordable options. Closeboard fence panels consist of vertical overlapping boards that are nailed onto horizontal rails, while lap fence panels are made with overlapping horizontal boards; both types give optimal levels of privacy. Both types of panels are usually constructed from pressure-treated softwood, depending on your budget.

Decorative fence panels can be more expensive as they often have intricate designs or stonework built into them for a unique aesthetic. These decorative elements may add to the overall cost but can also bring great style and beauty to your garden. The materials used for decorative fencing vary widely, from metal to plastic.

Whichever type of fence panel you choose, it’s always important to check the quality before making a purchase. If opting for closeboard or lap styles, look out for straight rails and strong boards that don’t warp easily over time. With decorative panels, make sure seams are properly sealed and there is no damage present that could weaken the structure further down the line.

Ultimately, closeboard and lap fences tend to be cheaper than decorative alternatives at first glance, but careful consideration should always be taken when selecting fencing material - whether you're looking for something cheap or not!