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Cement Products

Introducing our Cement Products range at East Coast Fencing, the reliable choice for securing your wooden fencing with exceptional durability and strength. As experts in fencing supplies, we understand the vital role cement products play in providing support and enhancing the longevity of your wooden fences. Our range of rapid-set postmix options offer convenience and ease, resulting in firm foundations and peace of mind.

Discover our top-notch selection of essential cement products designed to complement your fencing needs:

  1. Quick-Set Postmix: Our premium fast-setting postmix ensures your fence posts are sturdy and erect in no time.
  2. Water-Resistant Postmix: Offer superior protection against the elements, especially in damp or rainy environments.
  3. High-Strength Postmix: Ideal for heavy-duty fencing installations or when extra stability is required.

Our postmix boasts a unique blend of benefits, tailored to meet your wooden fencing requirements. We stand by the excellent quality of our products, offering you unbeatable enhancement and stability. East Coast Fencing distinguishes itself from competitors by providing outstanding cement products designed to pair seamlessly with our wooden fencing offerings.

Rapid Set Postmix
-5 %
Introducing the Rapid Set Postmix 20KG - a game-changing solution specifically designed for all your fence and gate post installation needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of mixing concrete and embrace the simplicity of just adding water. Our pre-blended, rapid-setting formula is perfectly suited for wo..
£9.49 £9.95
Ex Tax:£7.91
A quick, easy and ready to use out of the bag pre-blended Rapid Set Fence Post Concrete suitable for all types of fence & gate post including wood, metal & concrete No mixing required, just add water Rapid setting product - sets within 5 to 10 minutes Factory produced - consistent & pre..
Ex Tax:£522.38
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