A pale coloured fence paint such as cream or light grey can make a garden look bigger, as it will create an illusion of space. The lack of darker colours will prevent the boundaries from appearing too abrupt and harsh, instead creating a softer boundary that seems to fade away.

This is especially effective if used in combination with other pale shades, such as white stones or gravel in place of darker varieties. Increasing the brightness of the fence colour can also help make the garden appear larger due to its reflective nature, making it more prominent and easier for the eye to distinguish even against lighter backgrounds.

For maximum effect, you should use two coats of paint - this will provide better coverage than a single coat, as well as helping to improve durability and create a professional finish.

To ensure your paint job has maximum impact, it's important to prepare your fencing thoroughly before beginning - this means removing dirt and debris with either a pressure washer or stiff brush before sanding down any imperfections in the surface and applying an undercoat primer.