The decision to put up a garden fence often stems from the desire for increased privacy, enhanced security, or simply to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing living space. In the UK, with its mixture of urban and suburban landscapes, getting the right garden fence can substantially increase property value and curb appeal. In this article, we will discuss the different factors that affect the cost of a garden fence, and what you should look for when choosing one.

Key Factors Affecting Garden Fence Pricing

When calculating the cost of a garden fence, several factors come into play, such as:

  1. Size: The dimensions of your garden and the heights of the fence will directly affect the overall cost. Larger gardens will typically require a higher budget to cover increased materials and labour costs.
  1. Materials: Wooden fences come in different types, including pressure-treated timber, softwood, hardwood, and composite materials. The main difference between these options lies in their durability, maintenance needs, and, of course, cost. For instance, hardwood fences might be more expensive than softwood, but they often require less maintenance over time.
  1. Design: The style and design of your garden fence also impact its cost. Simple, everyday designs are more economical, whereas intricate patterns and custom features will come at additional expenses.
  1. Installation: DIY installation can save you money but might need extra time and effort. On the other hand, hiring professional installers might be faster and more reliable, but also more expensive.
  1. Additional Features: You may want to add extra features like gates or trellis to your fence. These additions can provide both style and functionality but will also increase your budget.

Exploring Garden Fence Case Studies

To illustrate how these factors can influence your decision, here are two case studies of garden fence installations in the UK:

  1. Case Study 1 - The Classic Picket Fence: In this example, a homeowner decides to install a traditional picket fence made of pressure-treated softwood in their 20-metre-garden. The fence is 1.2m high and requires no additional features other than a gate. In this case, the approximate cost of materials would be around £500, and with professional installation, the cost could come to around £1,000 in total.
  1. Case Study 2 - The Modern Composite: Another homeowner opts for a more contemporary look with a composite fence in a 15-metre garden. This 1.8m high fence includes additional features such as trellis work and a gate. The higher-quality materials and custom features bring the costs for materials up to approximately £1,500. With professional installation, the total cost could end up at around £2,500.

Making the Right Decision

Ultimately, the cost of a garden fence comes down to your personal preferences and budget. The best approach is to consider the various factors we've mentioned and weigh them against each other. Research local and online suppliers, such as East Coast Fencing, which offer a range of wooden fencing options. Collect quotes from reliable contractors and compare them to determine which option will provide the best value for your money.


Investing in a garden fence is an important decision. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of cost, understanding the factors involved will help you make an informed choice.