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6FT x 6FT Scallop Top Closeboard Fence Panel

6FT x 6FT Scallop Top Closeboard Fence Panel
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6FT x 6FT Scallop Top Closeboard Fence Panel
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6FT x 6FT Scallop Top Closeboard Fence Panel

Our scallop top closeboard fence panels are a heavy duty, long lasting pressure treated garden fence panel. Scallop top closeboard fence panels are not capped with weather capping. 

Key Points About Scallop Top Closeboard Fence Panel: 

  1. Pressure Treated. 
  2. FOUR Back Rails (75x32mm). 
  3. Long Lasting. 
  4. Annular Ring Shank Nails. 

Our closeboard/ feather edge fence panels have vertical feather edge boards which overlap by more than an inch per board. The heavy duty design provide strength and security, a great advantage of close board panels is that it is easy to repair this type of fencing by replacing a damaged board rather than the whole panel. 

Wooden close board fencing panels are normally selected for boundary screening and are extremely durable, they will also give gardens a contemporary look, if that’s what you’re after. 

With great benefits, be rest assured that our closeboard panels are manufactured by us in the UK using high quality timber from well managed forests, this ensures high, consistent, long lasting quality. Timber is a natural product, colour variations are to be expected between batches during production.  Our scallop top closeboard fence panels are custom made to order and are not covered under our returns policy.


Product Information
Panel TypeScallop Top Closeboard Fence Panel
Treatment TypePressure Treated

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