Feather edge boards are a versatile and popular choice for a range of outdoor projects, predominantly for fencing due to their robust nature and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of how many feather edge boards are required per foot, providing clear guidance on measurements, how to calculate quantities for fencing projects, and important tips when using these boards.

What are Feather Edge Boards?

Feather edge boards are traditionally manufactured from softwood and are cut from a rectangular plank, resulting in a board with one thick edge and one tapered edge. This design makes them ideal for overlap fencing, creating a strong and attractive outer barrier to your garden or outdoor space.

How Many Boards per Foot?

When constructing a feather edge fence, it's crucial to allow for an overlap to ensure the fence remains strong and sturdy, and depending on the desired level of privacy on each board. The general rule of thumb is 3 125mm wide feather edge boards per foot, allowing for a one-inch overlap.

To elaborate, if you have a feather edge board that is 125mm wide, you would need to allow for the one-inch overlap on each side. For example, if your measurement is in feet, you would need 3 feather edge boards to cover 1 foot in width:

  • 125mm board width = 300mm (1 foot)
  • Allowing a 25mm (1 inch) overlap per board
  • So, 125mm + 25mm = 150mm per board
  • 300mm ÷ 150mm = 3 feather edge boards per foot.