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01 Apr Garden Fencing FAQ
0 4918
Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section dedicated to garden fencing. Here, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding all aspects of garden fencing, from choosing the right materials and styles to understanding the installati..
22 Jul What Time Can I Legally Mow My Lawn in the UK?
0 1136
Are you an early bird who loves to get a head start on your day by ticking off those gardening tasks? Or perhaps, you're a night owl who prefers to tidy up your garden after a long day at work. Regardless of your gardening habits, one question that a..
29 Apr Can You Still Buy Creosote in the UK?
1 700
Creosote has been a popular wood preservative and sealant for many years, but with increasing environmental concerns and regulatory changes, many are left wondering if it is still possible to purchase this product in the UK. In this article, we dive ..
29 Apr Who are the Biggest Timber Producers in the World?
1 632
Timber production is a major industry all around the globe, used in various landscaping, fencing and building projects from fence panels to timber framed buildings, but do you know which countries rank as the biggest timber producers? The use of wood..
18 Oct How Deep Should Fence Posts Be?
4 499
For a fence to maintain stability and withstand environmental factors such as wind, it's crucial that the fence posts are secured at an appropriate depth. A general rule of thumb is for a fence post to be buried at least 2 feet (or 600mm) into the gr..
17 Jul Why Are There Green Marks on My Pressure Treated Timber?
0 481
Pressure treated timber is a popular choice for an array of outdoor applications, such as decks, fencing, and garden furniture. This is mainly due to its durability and resistance to insects, fungal decay, and harsh weather conditions. One common con..
03 May Can My Neighbour Have CCTV Pointing at My Garden?
0 388
As technology rapidly advances, the use of CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) for security purposes has become increasingly popular. However, this has sparked a debate over the right to privacy in one's own garden. In this ultimate guide, we will shed ..
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