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3.0M x 75x75MM Wooden Fence Post

3.0M x 75x75MM Wooden Fence Post
3.0M x 75x75MM Wooden Fence Post
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  • Brand: East Coast Fencing
  • Model: WFP3330
  • Weight: 10.00kg
  • EAN: 5061025360871
  • MPN: WFP3330
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3.0M x 75x75MM Wooden Fence Post

Introducing our 10FT 3"x3" Wooden Fence Post (3.0M x 75x75MM), the ideal solution for all your fencing needs. Crafted with the finest timber produced in Ireland, these Wooden Fence Posts are designed to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing, serving as a natural-looking alternative to common concrete fence posts.

Pressure Treated & Brown in Colour

Our Wooden Fence Posts are pressure treated to withstand the test of time. The brown colour of each post offers a beautiful, rustic touch to your garden or outdoor space. Moreover, the advanced pressure treatment process also protects against rot and fungal decay, ensuring your fence post remains in top-notch condition over the years.

Unmatched Quality & Strength

When it comes to fencing, strength and durability are key. Our 3.0M x 75x75MM Wooden Fence Posts deliver on both, providing a robust and secure framework for your fencing needs. The quality of the timber used ensures that your fence stands tall and steady, with minimal maintenance required.

The Perfect Choice for Your Fencing Needs

Choosing our Wooden Fence Posts means investing in a product that offers exceptional quality, unrivalled durability, and natural beauty. Say goodbye to dull, industrial concrete fence posts and embrace the warm, organic feel of premium Irish timber.

Experience the Difference

Don't settle for less – elevate your garden or outdoor space by choosing our 10FT 3"x3" Wooden Fence Post (3.0M x 75x75MM) for your fencing project. Experience the advantages of a beautiful and practical wooden fence post, and let your garden shine with style and sophistication.


Product Information
Post Type75MM Wooden Post
Length10FT (3.0M)
Treatment TypePressure Treated

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