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30 Oct How to Remove Green Algae from Wooden Fences
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Green algae, often seen as an unwelcome visitor, can be a nuisance when it appears on your wooden fence. Not only it does make your garden look unkempt but also can slowly damage the wood over time. In this article, we will delve into the importance ..
03 Apr How To Install a Garden Fence on a Slope
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Installing a garden fence on a slope can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can achieve a seamless and sturdy installation. Begin by planning the layout, taking into account the degree of the slope and deciding whether you prefer a step..
01 Apr How to Fix Common Fence Issues
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Repairing common issues with garden fencing can be straightforward if approached methodically. For loose panels or posts, first verify the stability of the ground. During wet seasons, soil can soften, causing posts to wobble. Solidify the base by pac..
03 Apr How to Maintain a Wooden Garden Fence to Ensure Its Longevity
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Maintaining a wooden garden fence is essential for ensuring its longevity and retaining the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Regularly checking for signs of wear and tear, applying protective treatments, and promptly repairing any damage can signific..
03 Apr How to Repair a Damaged Garden Fence Post
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To repair a damaged garden fence post, start by assessing the extent of the damage. If the post is rotting or severely damaged at the base, it may need to be completely replaced. However, minor damage might be fixable. Begin by stabilising the post w..
03 Apr How to Make Your Garden Fencing Wildlife-Friendly
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Garden fencing is an essential part of any garden, providing privacy and security to your outdoor space. However, traditional garden fencing can also act as a barrier for wildlife, restricting their movement and limiting their access to food sources...
03 Apr How to Choose the Right Fencing Materials
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Choosing the right material for your garden fence involves considering durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. Wooden fences offer a classic look but require regular treatment to prevent rot and termite damage. Metal options, such as wrought i..
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