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BZP 6" (150mm) Pad Bolt

BZP 6" (150mm) Pad Bolt
BZP 6" (150mm) Pad Bolt
EX VAT: £5.79
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Perry
  • Model: IRN-2A--0150ZP
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • EAN: 5023353156144
  • MPN: BZP150PB

BZP 6" (150mm) Pad Bolt

Designed with security and durability in mind, the BZP 6" (150mm) Pad Bolt provides a strong padlockable solution for garden gates. Made from only high-grade materials and built to last, this padbolt offers superior strength and performance.

Installing is easy thanks to the pre-drilled hole at the base of the bolt, while a second hole further allows you to effectively combine several components or fit an additional padlock for added security. Whether you need an extra layer of fortified protection, or simply want to upgrade your gate's locking system, this padbolt is sure to provide reliable service for many years. 

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