If you have found yourself wondering which size fence posts you should use when installing a new fence, you are not alone! Not to worry, we’re here to help.

Industry standard is that the fence post required is 600MM (2ft) longer than the total height of your fence (including your gravel board, if you're using one) 

Example 1:

If you are using a 5ft high fence panel, without a gravel board, you would need a 7ft long fence posts

Example 2:

If you are using a 5ft high fence panel with a 12 inch gravel board, the total height of your fence would be 6ft. This means you would need an 8ft long fence posts

Things get a bit trickier when you have a "half size" fence, such as a fence that is 6ft 6 inches (198CM) in height. Ideally for this height you would require a fence post 8ft 6 inches in length, which is not a readily available size. 

In this instance, we would recommend using the next size up and either setting the post slightly deeper, or trimming the length of the post to suit.