When it comes to ensuring privacy and securing your property, close board fencing is a popular choice among homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike. Not only does it offer a solid barrier against prying eyes, but it also adds aesthetic value to your outdoor space. If you're considering purchasing quality wooden fence panels from East Coast Fencing, it's crucial to understand the importance of overlap in close board fencing for optimal durability and effectiveness.

Understanding Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing, also known as feather edge fencing, involves the use of vertical timber boards slightly overlapped and fixed to horizontal rails between fence posts. This design offers a continuous, solid barrier with no gaps, making it ideal for creating private outdoor spaces.

The overlap is a key component of this style of fencing, as it contributes to the overall strength and privacy level of the fence. But how much should your close board fence actually overlap?

The Ideal Overlap for Close Board Fencing

To achieve the perfect balance of privacy, strength, and aesthetic appeal, an overlap of 30 to 50mm is recommended. This range ensures that each board covers enough of the one beneath it to prevent any potential gaps that might appear over time due to natural wood shrinkage or movement.

Why Overlap Matters

  1. Privacy: The primary purpose of close board fencing is to provide privacy. Sufficient overlap ensures there are no gaps for people to see through.
  2. Durability: Overlapping creates a stronger structure, as each board supports the one above it, distributing weight and pressure more evenly.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: A uniform overlap contributes to the fence's visual appeal, creating a neat and cohesive appearance.

Tips for Perfect Overlap Measurement

  • Use a Spacer: When installing your fence, using a spacer or a small piece of wood cut to your desired overlap measurement can help maintain consistency across the entire fence.
  • Consider Board Width: Wider boards may require a slightly larger overlap to ensure sufficient coverage.
  • Adjust for Inclines: If your property is on an incline, you may need to adjust the overlap to maintain privacy and appearance. Tailoring the overlap to ensure boards follow the contour of the land will keep the top level uniform.

Selecting Quality Wooden Fence Panels from East Coast Fencing

Choosing high-quality materials is just as crucial as getting the overlap right. East Coast Fencing's quality wooden fence panels ensure your close board fence not only looks great but stands the test of time. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Durability: Our panels are made from sturdy timber designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Aesthetic Value: We offer a range of styles to suit any garden design, ensuring your fence is both functional and attractive.
  • Sustainability: Sourced from responsible suppliers, our wooden panels are an eco-friendly fencing solution.


Close board fencing is a fantastic way to enhance privacy and security around your property. By ensuring the correct overlap of 30 to 50mm, you can achieve a durable, aesthetically pleasing barrier that complements your outdoor space. Pair this with high-quality materials from East Coast Fencing, and you'll have a fence that not only looks great but lasts for years to come.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast tackling your own fencing project or looking to source the best materials for your needs, understanding the essentials of close board fence overlap is key. Happy fencing!