Whether you’re looking to expand your outdoor storage space or just want to spruce up your garden, a shed is an excellent addition to any property. But before you begin construction on your dream shed, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations that apply in the UK. One of these regulations is how close you can build a shed near garden fencing. Let’s take a look at what you need to know. 

Understanding the Regulations 

The UK government does not require homeowners to obtain permission from their local council when building a shed in their garden—unless it meets certain criteria. According to the Planning Portal, sheds less than 2m high and with no side facing onto any highway do not need planning permission. However, there are still restrictions on how close you can build your shed next to a fence—especially if that fence belongs to a neighbour or is part of the boundary line between properties. 

In some cases, local councils will have specific regulations about how close you can place a structure like a shed next to another structure such as a fencing. If this is the case for your area, make sure that you research and follow all relevant guidelines before beginning construction. 

If there are no specific regulations for your area, then it’s best practice to leave at least 0.5 metres between the two structures so that both have enough room for maintenance and expansion (if necessary). Additionally, if your shed has walls over 2 meters high then it must be 1 meter away from any boundary line (including fence panels). This rule also applies if multiple sides of the shed are facing onto highways.  


When building or placing any kind of structure in your garden in the UK, it’s always best practice to check with your local council first regarding any restrictions or guidelines they may have in place. When it comes specifically to sheds and fences, leaving at least 0.5 metres between them ensures everyone has enough room for maintenance and expansion purposes down the line—but there may be more specific requirements depending on where you live so be sure to do your research! With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble placing your new shed exactly where you want it!