In the quiet of the evening, when the hustle and bustle of the day have settled down, your garden becomes a sanctuary for one of nature's most endearing creatures - the hedgehog. These nocturnal visitors are a welcome sight in gardens across the country, symbolising a healthy ecosystem and providing natural pest control. However, their numbers have been in decline due to various factors, including habitat loss and fragmentation. But fear not, for there are ways we can turn our gardens into a haven for these charming creatures, and one such way is through the ingenious use of a gravel board with a hedgehog hole.

Why Hedgehogs Are Important

Hedgehogs are a gardener's friend, eagerly feasting on slugs, snails, and insects, helping to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Beyond their role in pest control, hedgehogs are also vital for biodiversity. Their health and numbers can indicate the overall health of our environment.

The Plight of the Hedgehog

Despite their benefits, hedgehog populations have seen a sharp decline. This is largely due to urban expansion and the subdivision of land into private gardens, which are often fenced off, limiting hedgehogs' access to food and mates. Roads also pose a significant threat, with many hedgehogs falling victim to traffic each year.

Creating Passageways with a Gravel Board with a Hedgehog Hole

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to help hedgehogs is by ensuring they can move freely between gardens. This is where a specially designed gravel board with a hedgehog hole comes into play. Our gravel board with a hedgehog hole is crafted to not only provide the structural benefits of a traditional gravel board but also to include a passageway for hedgehogs, allowing them to roam in search of food, mates, and nesting sites.

Installation Tips

  • Location: Choose a quiet part of the fence, away from busy roads and potential predators. Hedgehogs tend to follow the line of a fence or wall, so positioning the hole along these lines can help them find it.
  • Complement with Hedgehog-friendly Features: Consider adding a hedgehog house, leaving areas of your garden wild, and providing a shallow dish of water to make your garden even more welcoming.
  • Inform Your Neighbours: Hedgehog conservation is most effective when entire neighbourhoods get involved. Share your initiative with neighbours and encourage them to make similar adjustments to their fencing.

Other Ways to Help Hedgehogs

Creating passageways is just the beginning. Here are some additional steps you can take to make your garden a true haven for hedgehogs:

  • Check for Hedgehogs: Before using lawnmowers or strimmers, check for hidden hedgehogs in long grass or under bushes.
  • Leave out Food: Supplement their diet with meat-based pet food, hedgehog food, or unsalted crushed peanuts. Avoid milk and bread, as these can cause digestive issues.
  • Create a Wild Corner: Leave a corner of your garden 'wild' with leaves, logs, and debris to provide shelter and nesting materials.
  • Avoid Pesticides and Slug Pellets: These can be harmful to hedgehogs and reduce their natural food supply.


By making small adjustments to our gardens, such as installing a gravel board with a hedgehog hole, we can provide safe passages for hedgehogs, helping to secure their future in our changing world. It's a simple step that has the power to make a significant impact on the survival of these delightful creatures. Together, we can transform our gardens into sanctuaries for hedgehogs, ensuring they remain a familiar and cherished part of our nighttime garden visits.