In the realm of construction and building materials, one product has proven itself indispensable for quick and sturdy installations - Postcrete. This ready-to-use blend of concrete and other materials is a go-to solution for securing fence posts, signs, and so much more, owing to its rapid setting time and robustness. The UK, with its rich history of innovation in construction, is home to some of the leading manufacturers of Postcrete. This blog post dives into the giants of Postcrete production in the UK, shedding light on who they are and what sets them apart in the competitive landscape.

1. Bostik

Bostik is a name that resonates with quality in the adhesives and construction materials industry, and its line of Postcrete products is no exception. Bostik's Postcrete is favoured for its ease of use and reliability, promising to set posts within just 10 minutes. It's a testament to Bostik's commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the requirements of modern construction practices.

What sets Bostik apart is its drive for innovation, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their products are formulated to have a minimal environmental impact, aligning with the increasing demand for green building materials.

2. Tarmac

Among the behemoths in the UK's building materials sector, Tarmac stands tall, especially in the Postcrete market. Their formulation is designed for simplicity, requiring no mixing and offering a quick setting time, making it a preferred choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Tarmac differentiates itself with its extensive expertise and heritage in the construction industry. Their products are backed by rigorous testing and a deep understanding of the UK's diverse building needs, from residential projects to large-scale commercial constructions.

3. Hanson UK

Hanson UK is another leading provider of Postcrete, with a strong emphasis on performance and quality. Hanson's Postcrete promises a secure fix for posts, ensuring durability and longevity. What makes Hanson stand out is its dedication to customer service and technical support. They offer comprehensive guidance and support to ensure that their products are used effectively, maximising their performance and the satisfaction of the end-user.

Additionally, Hanson is committed to sustainability, with initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting biodiversity across their operations.

4. Blue Circle

A subsidiary of the global CRH Group, Blue Circle is a prominent player in the UK's Postcrete scene. Their product, renowned for its consistency and high quality, is a staple in construction projects across the country. Blue Circle's Postcrete is especially noted for its versatility, suitable for a wide range of applications beyond just securing fence posts.

Innovation and customer-centricity drive Blue Circle’s operations. They are continually developing their product lineup to address the evolving needs of the market, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Why Choose Postcrete?

Opting for Postcrete from any of these manufacturers ensures a swift, reliable fix for posts, with the added benefits of:

  • Rapid setting times, often under 10 minutes.
  • No need for mixing, reducing mess and saving time.
  • Versatility, suitable for various types of posts and applications.


The UK's landscape of Postcrete manufacturers is dominated by these giants, each bringing its unique strengths to the table. Be it Bostik's focus on sustainability, Tarmac's vast expertise, Hanson's exceptional customer service, or Blue Circle's innovative approach, they all contribute significantly to the construction industry. When choosing Postcrete for your next project, consider these manufacturers for their quality, reliability, and commitment to meeting the modern demands of construction and sustainability.