A trellis is a wonderful addition to any garden, providing support for climbing plants and creating a beautiful and practical feature within your outdoor space. Selecting the fastest-growing plants for a trellis not only provides instant natural beauty, but also ensures that your garden looks lush and inviting in a shorter amount of time. In this article, we explore some of the fastest-growing plants suitable for trellis systems, their growth habits, and benefits, as well as care tips and suggestions.

Quickest Climbers

When considering the fastest-growing plants for a trellis, some top contenders emerge:

  1. Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus): These popular and fragrant climbers are perfect for trellises in UK gardens. They grow rapidly, reaching heights of up to 2-3 metres within a few months. Sweet peas come in various colours and are very easy to grow, making them an ideal choice for novice gardeners.
  1. Clematis: With over 300 species of clematis available, this genus of flowering climbers offers a wealth of options for trellises. Many clematis varieties have a vigorous growth habit and can easily grow 3-4 metres in a season. Clematis flowers come in many colours and forms, providing a stunning visual display in the garden.
  1. Honeysuckle (Lonicera): Known for their vibrant tubular flowers and sweet fragrance, honeysuckles are fast-growing climbers perfect for trellises. They attract bees and butterflies, adding a lively atmosphere to your garden. Honeysuckles can grow over 5 metres in a season, making them incredibly quick to cover your trellis.
  1. Wisteria: Wisteria is a classic climber for trellises, admired for its cascading racemes of fragrant purple or white flowers. While a mature wisteria requires some time to establish, it is a vigorous grower, with some species capable of reaching up to 10 metres in height.
  1. Passionflower (Passiflora): Passionflowers are exotic-looking climbers, with intricate flowers that resemble complex pieces of art. These fast-growing plants can reach up to 4 metres in a single season, providing a striking focal point on a trellis.

Caring for Your Trellis Plants

To make the most out of your trellis plants, keep these care tips in mind:

  • Planting: Choose the right location with adequate sunlight for your climber. Each plant species may have specific growing requirements, so make sure to follow the planting instructions closely.
  • Feeding: Use a balanced, slow-release fertiliser to provide essential nutrients, promoting rapid and healthy growth. Remember that different plants may have different fertiliser requirements.
  • Pruning: Regularly pruning your climbers encourages bushier growth and helps maintain shape. Pay attention to each plant's specific pruning needs to get the best results.
  • Binding: Young climbers often require assistance to attach to a trellis. Gently attach the plant to the trellis structure using a soft tie, allowing it to find its way and continue growing upward.


Selecting the fastest-growing plants for your trellis can transform your garden into a lush, green, and colourful living space.