If you have a wooden fence in your garden, then you know that rain and bad weather can take its toll on the structure. This is especially true if your fence is exposed to the elements without any shelter or protection. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how rain and other bad weather affect wooden fencing and what you can do to protect your garden fence from damage 

How Rain Affects Wood Fencing 

Rainwater can cause wood fencing to rot, warp, and crack over time. The water seeps into the wood’s pores, softening it and making it prone to fungus growth which weakens the structure of the wood. The sun's UV rays also contribute to this process as they cause the wood to dry out quickly which further weakens it. Another issue with wet weather is that it encourages moss and algae growth on the surface of your fence which can further weaken it over time 

What Can You Do To Protect Your Garden Fence? 

The first step in protecting your wooden fence from bad weather is to apply a protective sealant onto it regularly. Timber preservatives will help protect against moisture penetration as well as UV rays from the sun. You should also clean your fence once every few months with a mild detergent solution to prevent moss and algae buildup on its surface. Additionally, adding a roof or canopy above your fence will provide some protection against rainfall as well as shade from harsh sunlight during hot summer days. Finally, make sure that you check for any signs of damage regularly so that you can repair them immediately before they worsen over time.  


Rainfall and bad weather can have an impact on wooden fencing over time if not protected properly. Applying protective preservatives, cleaning your fence regularly, and checking for damage are all important steps in preserving your garden fence so that it lasts for many years to come! By taking these measures, you’ll be able to keep your wooden fencing looking beautiful even in bad weather conditions!