Many timber merchants, including us, offer timber products that are pressure treated green or brown. 

The obvious difference between green and brown pressure treated timber is the colour. But why is some timber pressure treated green and some brown?

Preference. The only difference between pressure treated green or pressure treated brown is the colour.

Various areas in the UK seem to almost exclusively green and some brown, depending on the area.

Green timber is not a bright green like you may be thinking, but rather a natural/ uncoloured timber with hints of green where the preservative has reacted with the timber during the pressure treatment process. This reaction can leave green streaks

Brown pressure treated timber goes through the exact same process as green treated timber, but a brown pigment is added to colour the timber

Timber that’s been pressure treated brown tends to be a more consistent colour - although particularly “sappy” timber, normally around knots in the timber, can cause green streaks.