As a homeowner or DIY enthusiast, you might be considering installing a new fence or replacing your existing one. One of the most common questions that come up during the process is, "Are all fence panels 6ft wide?" In this informative blog post, we'll explore the variety of fence panel widths available, and help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Fencing from East Coast Fencing: Providing High Quality Fence Panels in a Range of Sizes

Debunking the Myth: Widths of Fence Panels

Whilst all fence panels sold at East Coast Fencing are 6ft wide (including our decorative fencing), not all fence panels are 6ft wide. While 6ft wide panels are the most common and a standard size, fence panels can actually come in a range of widths. Typically, you can find fence panels in sizes varying from 3ft to 8ft wide. Let's examine some of the reasons you might need to purchase fence panels in different widths.

Visual Appeal and Integration

The width of your fence panels can significantly affect the overall aesthetics and design of your outdoor space. For example, smaller panels can give a more intricate look, ideal for a cottage garden or an area with tight dimensions. On the other hand, wider panels can create a sense of space and give your garden a cleaner, more contemporary feel.

Handling Slopes and Varied Terrain

If your property has uneven terrain or slopes, using different width fence panels can help you maintain a consistent fence appearance. By using narrower panels on steeper gradients and wider ones in flatter areas, you can create a fence line that appears more uniform.

Working Around Obstacles and Utilities

Sometimes, you may need to accommodate obstacles such as trees, utilities, or property boundaries in your fencing project. By using a combination of different width fence panels, you can work around these constraints without sacrificing a cohesive and attractive fence line.

Tailoring Fence Panels to Suit Your Project

One of the great benefits of using fence panels from East Coast Fencing is our customisation options. Not only do we offer a range of standard width panels in various styles, but we also cater to those who require bespoke sizes to suit their specific project needs.

When determining the width of fence panels you require, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Measure your space: Accurately measure the total length of the area you need to fence, and factor in any posts or supports required. This will ensure you order the correct number and size of panels for your project.
  • Decide on panel style: Consider the look and feel you want to achieve with your fencing. This may dictate the width and design of your fence panels.
  • Plan for the unexpected: Allow for a little extra width in your calculations, to accommodate any unexpected obstacles or issues that may arise during installation.

We at East Coast Fencing recommend consulting with a fencing professional if you're unsure about the best panel width for your project.

Conclusion: Wide Range of Widths for Your Fencing Needs

Fence panels do indeed come in a variety of widths, contrary to the popular belief that all fence panels are 6ft wide. Selecting the appropriate width for your fencing project will depend on various factors, including design preferences, terrain conditions, and the need to work around obstacles.

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