Have you ever noticed that your wooden fence panels are a little too loose in their concrete posts? This can be a common problem for many homeowners, but it’s an easy fix. In this blog post, we will cover how to stop wooden fence panels from rattling between the concrete posts. 

The first step is to check the wooden fence panel for any gaps that may exist between the panel and the post. If there are gaps, you will need to fill the space with a packer. The material used to pack the fence panel and concrete fence post is important; using a material that is too dense could crack the fence post when your panel expands in the winter months. Likewise, using a material that is loose will likely cause it to fall out in no time.

Materials such as silicone, a bottle cork, a slither of timber are ideal. It may be easier to wedge a stone between your panel and post, we strongly advise against this

Fence panel security brackets will also reduce any rattling caused by fence panels.


Having rattling wooden fence panels between concrete posts can be annoying but luckily they are an easy fix! You can easily stop any rattling noises coming from these areas. Additionally, adding fence panel security brackets steel brackets at regular intervals can provide extra stability and protection against harsh weather conditions or strong winds in the future! Taking these simple steps now will save you time later by ensuring that your enclosed area is secure and free from any unwanted noise!