The installation of fence posts is an important step in the fence building process. It's necessary to ensure that the fence posts are securely anchored into the ground, so it can effectively support whatever fence material is used. To achieve this, fence posts must be set deep enough in the ground to provide sufficient stability and protection against wind and other elements.

When it comes to fence posts of 8 feet in height, the recommended depth for setting posts is 24 inches. Depending on soil type and conditions, fence post depths may need to be adjusted accordingly. For example, sandy soils may mean a deeper fence post hole than normal soil conditions do.

Before setting fence posts, it’s important to use a post digging tool such as a shovel or auger to dig a hole that’s slightly larger than the size of your fence post itself. This will provide more stability for your fence as well as allow for some movement without compromising its integrity.

You can install your 8 foot fence post by inserting it into the prepared hole and then filling any remaining space around it with postmix until it's completely filled up and even with surrounding soil level. When finished, you should end up with a secure fence post that's approximately 24 inches deep (depending on soil conditions) ready to support your desired fence panels!