Are you looking for ways to improve your garden's privacy, create an aesthetically pleasing environment, and elevate your outdoor space? If you're one of many homeowners who possess a wooden fence, you might be contemplating whether putting a trellis on top of it is a viable solution. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of incorporating trellis installations into your garden and discuss the practicalities of placing them on top of your fence.

What is a Trellis?

First and foremost, let's clarify what exactly a trellis is. A trellis, in essence, is a decorative yet functional structure that consists of interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, metal, or other materials. Gardeners frequently use trellises to support climbing plants, add height to their gardens, or act as a decorative partition between distinct areas.

Pros of Using a Trellis on Top of Your Fence

Incorporating a trellis on top of your existing fence offers numerous advantages. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider this option:

Enhanced Privacy

With houses becoming closer together in many urban and suburban areas, privacy is more important than ever. Adding a trellis atop your fence can help block prying eyes, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space peacefully with or without overly inquisitive neighbours.

Added Garden Interest

Climbing plants such as roses, clematis, and jasmine can significantly enhance your garden’s aesthetic qualities when given a trellis to cling to. Not only do these plants add colour and fragrance, but they also create focal points in your garden and add height, which can make your outdoor space appear larger.


The beauty of trellis installations lies in their versatility. You can opt for traditional wooden trellises, painted lattice trellises for a more Mediterranean vibe, or rustic repurposed materials to offer a unique touch. The design possibilities are practically endless, ensuring your garden has a distinct aesthetic that matches your taste and personality.


Gardens that incorporate a range of plants will attract beneficial insects and wildlife. Climbing plants nurtured by a trellis will provide excellent nesting and hiding spaces for birds, potentially making your garden a haven for these delightful creatures.

Practical Considerations

While there are many advantages to installing a trellis on top of your fence, there are a few practical factors to consider:

  • Stability: Before adding a trellis to your fence, ensure that the fence itself is sturdy and able to support the additional weight and wind resistance that the trellis and plants will bring.
  • Fence Heights: Be mindful of any regulations in your local area that may dictate fence height limits, as adding a trellis may result in your fence exceeding these restrictions.
  • Neighbour Consultation: It's always courteous to have a conversation with your neighbours before installing a trellis, as it may affect their outdoor space as well.

In conclusion, installing a trellis on top of your wooden fence is an excellent way to enhance the beauty, privacy, and interest of your garden. With countless design options and significant versatility, trellises are a popular addition to gardens nationwide. Just ensure you take proper precautions and adhere to any regulations before embarking on this exciting project. Happy gardening!