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2.4M 150MM x 47MM Sawn Timber C16

2.4M 150MM x 47MM Sawn Timber C16
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2.4M x 150MM x 47MM is commonly known as 6x2inch, although the finished size is 145MM x 45MM it is still commonly known as 150MM x 47MM in the industry.

Our 2.4M 6x2 is machined and regularised, which means the edges of the timber have been eased. Being regularised means the length of timber is smoother and makes handling easier.

The 150MM x 47MM (or 6x2) we stock is sourced from Irish sawmills. Ireland produces some of the highest quality timber in the industry.

This timber is C16 graded and often used for decking joists.

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Treatment TypeC16 Pressure Treated